The Indian Association of Life Skills Education is formed with the following objectives to:

  • Bring together social scientists, educationists, scientists, practitioners and policy makers from various disciplines in one forum to explore and work in the areas of life skills education.
  • Encourage mutual and collective efforts to develop, promote and apply life skills to improve quality of education and learning through inter-disciplinary and trans- disciplinary approaches.
  • Access current status and best practices in relation to application of life skills approach in education and training.
  • Strengthen the network with other sub-regional, regional and trans-regional organizations working in the areas of Life Skills Education and training.
  • Encourage conferences, seminars, consultation, workshops, to enable sharing of research findings and experiences relating to life skills education and training.
  • Disseminate new theories and innovative inter-disciplinary and trans- disciplinary approaches for understanding and addressing emerging trends in Life Skills Education.
  • Initiate steps to promote Life Skills approach in teaching, training and to strengthen the theoretical framework of Life Skills Education.
  • Publish books, journals and such other literature which would promote the dissemination of knowledge in the field of Life Skills Education.
  • Enable scholars in Life Skills Education to enhance their career opportunities and fulfill professional commitments.