The IALSE is a registered society under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act, 1975. It had its inception in 2010 with the aim “to ignite minds, to unleash the power and empower individuals to face challenges in life”. Since then, the association is working relentlessly for the promotion of life skills across India.

Among the multifarious activities in our arena, one of the thrust areas of IALSE, is to provide training in life skills to people at various levels in the area of health promotion, competency building and well-being, through either a preventive approach, competency building and /or resilience approach strategy. The association conducts psycho-social training programmes to target groups such as students, teachers (Schools & Colleges), NGO representatives, government officials, organizations, homemakers, etc.

It has a rich resource pool of over 150 qualified and experienced life skills trainers across the country who imparts training. IALSE has also developed life skills resource materials that are field tested to enhance training experience making it enjoyable and effective. It follows a participatory approach in delivery of the training and is learner centric.

The IALSE has been successful in bringing together mutually minded people on a common platform through organizing International Conferences each year. The International Journal of Life Skills Education, Published by the Association, has helped foster the growth of the discipline.

The focus of the Association is to promulgate the concept of life skills/ Life skills education, thus strengthening its felt need an importance among various stake holders across India.